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Accepted payment methods: Bank Transfer or USDT /USDC (crypto)

Started by TheChief, Jan 11, 2018, 07:18 AM

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Bank Transfer or $USDT/USDC, $USTC(stablecoins), VIBERATE, Litecoin, TRX, Apecoin, BNB etc

You can buy $USDC/$USDT on, Kucoin.Com or 

Deposit/Withdrawal fees:




Spebid has been so instrumental for my personal and business affairs. He demonstrated exceptional leadership and team player qualities. He also opened my eyes to the pros and cons of using and working with bitcoin in my everyday life.

I'm very glad I was exposed to new ways of financial execution, also in constant preparation as cryptocurrency is most definitely the future.

Thank you.


Using Bitcoin on my last purchase was super fast and easy!  I saved money in the process as well:) I highly recommend using Coinbase and BTC if you are a USA resident and want to continue on coppin bape :) much love to the main man spencer and to all!!!